Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Freaking Marathon!!!

When I started training for this marathon I had all of these aspirations to blog the good, the bad, the ugly,

and the very ugly.

But...(sigh)...here I am twelve weeks into the training, four weeks away from the race,

with not a single blog to show for myself.

So, here is a little run down of the last twelve weeks of my life (running related only).

It's a little lengthy, but hopefully it will bring a smile to your face.

Especially if you have ever trained for any type of race.

Oh that run felt really good…Muscles feel good, warm, strong…Whew...
Running sprints to increase my speed
Meeting @ 6:30 on Saturday morning with running my group…Sweaty…

1hr nap on Saturday afternoon

‘I am glad I decided to do another race’

Speed increasing quickly due to sprint training…Running nine minute miles
Waited to late in the day to run my mileage

Tight foot

Didn't drink enough water on Friday for my long run on Saturday

Meeting @ 6:15 on Saturday morning with running group
Headache…2hr nap on Saturday afternoon

Drink water

‘I am glad I decided to do another race, but I wish I had chosen a shorter one’
Meeting @ 6:00 on Saturday morning with running group
‘I cannot run sixteen freaken miles!’
Ran sixteen freaken miles

Bigger headache

Drink water

3hr nap on Saturday afternoon


Drink water...water

Bigger blister
Tighter foot

‘Oh I wish there weren't twenty six miles in a marathon’
Pep-talk from Dave "you can do this...bla bla bla"

Meeting @ 5:55 on Saturday morning with running group
‘I cannot run seventeen freaken miles!!’
Ran seventeen freaken miles

Biggest headache


4hr nap on Saturday afternoon


Tightest foot

Owie!...Can't walk up stairs

‘Why the HELL did I decided to do another marathon!’

'Somebody kill me please!'


Until next week...