Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New Hockey Scar

Last night I was skating at the ice rink, practicing for my new adult hockey class, and enjoying all the teenage love around me. While doing some tight figure-8’s and working on my cross-overs, I caught one of the edges of my skate and fell flat on my chest and then smashed my chin on the ice. I rolled over on my back, mostly embarrassed, and slowly got up. I then noticed that my chin was bleeding pretty badly. So, I went into the restroom and grabbed a tissue and finished my time left out on the ice. When I got home I mentioned to Steph that I split my chin open. She said “whaaa?….OH MY GOSH DAVE! (with a double take) You’re going to need stitches!” Good thing she was off last night or I would have spent the evening at home with part of my chin tissue hanging out of my face.
So, we drove up to the ER at the University of Utah Hospital. I had never had stitches before in all of my 29 years. When all was said and done, I got 7 of them in the chin. And this is my first hockey scar. Now I have something to brag about in my class.

The best comment of the night came from Steph on the way over when she said, tongue in cheek, “Oh, your beautiful face.”