Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello all! It has been ages since our last post, and that is only because we were waiting for something significant enough to happen to make it worth your time to read. It most definitely is not due to the fact that we are lazy and/or not computer savvy, but only because our lives are normally too dull to actually share.

Lucky for you, this is not the case at the moment.

But today Dave and I are very excited to share some changes that have recently happened in our lives

(or are soon to happen).

Our first order of business is that Dave has accepted an offer from the Rosland Franklin University in North Chicago to study Podiatry this coming fall. We are ecstatic for this adventure and welcome the long awaited change of pace. Though picking up and moving across the Country can be intimidating, we are extremely thrilled to try something new, and for Dave to have the opportunity to further his education.

We know we will be missed, and would like all of you to know…it was nice knowing you.

Just kidding! We are sad to leave our families,

but are also very anxious to move into the next faze of our lives.

Which brings me to our next order of business.

Dave and I are happy to announce we are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newest family member.


Happily plump…this is now my motto (or so I’m trying very hard for it to be).

I am due July 17, three weeks before we move to Chicago, which puts me currently at 14 weeks.

We can’t wait to see Fetus, and are excited to see if it really has t-rex arms,

like it appears in the ultra sound (Fetus gets that from Dave).

I have also posted the ultra sound pictures from our most recent visit

and hope everyone finds it as special as we did.

It was quite an exciting visit.

Fetus was doing flips like a little gymnast, and I think he gets that from me.