Monday, November 17, 2008

Muscles and Bomb Scares

You may have seen on the news that there was a bomb scare in sugarhouse on Monday. It turns out there was a suspicious package left near a 24hr fitness center, so someone called the cops who roped off the area and waited for backup. This was just about the time little ol davey drove up across the street and navigated his way around the police tape to workout. Little did I know, shortly thereafter the bomb squad would roll in and the entire block would be closed off which included the parking lot where my car was parked. So after a good run (yes, I can actually run now - first week in 6 months) I went out to hop in my car only to find half The Force was on the sense and there was no getting my car out until it was all over. I noticed over his shoulder that they had just wheeled out the robotic bomb defuser. So, my only option was to pump some weights like the tough dude i am and wait it out. An hour and a half later, with tired muscles (that are now huge), I was able to go home. Supposedly, others who were waiting near the entrance say the police fired shotgun shells into the box to see if it was a bomb. fortunately no bomb, only a tough guy with huge muscles resulted from the day's activities.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is what happens when Stephanie tries to walk on her own. I wish that I had a better story to tell, but unfortunately my clumsiness is all I have.

Yesterday while walking to my car after class I found myself lying face down in the middle of the U of U parking lot. One minute I was standing and the next minute I was doing a face-plant on the asphalt. No I was not stepping off a curb, I was on solid ground. And no I was night wearing heals, I had my tennis-shoes on. So to clear up any confusion, there was absolutely no reason for me to fall. But I did! And two hours later I had a baseball sized ankle to show for it.

I tore the ligaments in my right ankle, and now am being forced by my wonderful husband Dave to walk with crutches. Oh yeah...this has been a fun twenty-four hours.

Below are a couple of pics to show exactly what I am capable of with my own two feet.