Friday, October 22, 2010


Let me make this perfectly clear, I do NOT condone the use of television as a babysitter for children, nor do I think it is okay to let children watch hours and hours of it a day. And in my defense I do divert Dexter's eyes when I catch him sucked into the flat screen. But...sometimes I watch PBS kids in the mornings with him because they have some very cute educational programs that I approve of.

Now I'll step off of my soap box.

Any-who. This morning he was fussing, and I needed something to hold his attention while I got dressed, so I turned on
Sid The Science Kid and propped him up in bed. I started getting dressed and when I turned around I couldn't help but crack up when I saw him. He was totally enamored with the show (or maybe just the bright colors), and he looked so big just sitting here that I had to grab the camera and snap a quick pic.

Now, tell me I don't have a little science nerd(Dave is the big science nerd), sitting in his boyscout shirt, watching a science show. I seriously love this kid.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Haircut Time

Well, I tried to hold off, but Dexter's straggly hair was driving me crazy. So, I finally grabbed my sheers and had my way with the little guy. Dave, being the good father he is, held him still while I took off a good 1/2 inch on top. It was virtually painless for all three of us. But I did feel a little sadness removing some of that dark hair. Now he is sporting his new blond due, which is getting lighter and lighter every day.

He looks so cute in his new haircut I can barely keep my lips off of him.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello All! I decided to post the pictures that I sent out in the email and posted on Facebook, due to multiple people who couldn't open the attachments. Sorry, I am a little technologically challenged.
Hope you enjoy!

Dexter is now 12 weeks old and measuring in the 90th% in both height and weight. He's definitely a big boy, but I figure it's okay, because he appears to have the personality to back it up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The first weekend after Dexter and I arrived in Illinois the whole family ventured into the city to check out our new home. It was overwhelming, to say the least, but spectacular all the same. Here are a couple of pictures of us in the city for everyone to snack on. Hopefully this will entice our friends and family to head in our direction for a quick visit. Just think, a free place to stay, the city of Chicago, and excellent company.
What more can you ask for?

Instead of driving, because we aren't totally insane, (aside from carrying our 5wk old around Chicago) we hopped on the metro and took a one hour ride straight into downtown. This is right after we arrived, hence the smile on Dave's face. Unfortunately Dexter couldn't stay awake long enough to enjoy the sights, but he got a good little ride at least, while his dad carried him all over the city.

The street performers were some of my favorite things. Yes, I am easy to please. There we're everything from musicians playing buckets, to tap dancers, to whole groups of kids doing acrobatics. The statue people we're not to shabby either. And they we're more then happy to snap a couple of pictures with the tourists.

I know what you're thinking, 'This is a 7-Eleven?' Well you are correct, but what I thought was so funny, was that it was stuck right in the bottom of these huge sky scrapers.
Not to mention the Beemer parked in front.
Pretty much the nicest 7-Eleven I've ever seen.

This is right out side of some fancy shmansy store. Dave and I stopped at the park area across the street to rest and found ourselves just feet from this orange Lamborghini (I think that what it is). All I know is that it looks like the car from 'Dumb and Dumber'. Classy gal, aren't I? Anywho, aside from what you may think, this isn't a picture of the car. But rather the crowd of people gathering around it. It was the funniest thing. People were coming from every direction to take a picture of themselves with another person's vehicle. Why in the world that is appealing I don't know, but I thought getting a picture of them doing it was pretty funny.

The water front was so beautiful, placed right down the center off all of the skyscrapers, that we stopped for a quick pic with the fam on our way back to the train. It was a long hot humid day, but super fun. I don't know how many times we'll be able to make it back into the city, but if I had a couple of house guests it would definitely give me cause. (wink-wink)