Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well, here we are, January 15th and Dexter is officially 6 months old. Happy half-birthday Dex! (And yes, at this age even halves count now.)

Dexi-boy is growing so fast it is shocking. Sometimes I look at him and wonder what happened to the little newborn we brought home just 6 short months ago. But then I remember back to the feedings every two hours and my lack of sleep...and I'm glad that we are where we are.

In risk of sounding like a cheesy parent, I want to say what a joy it has been to have Dexter in our little family. Dave and I love him to pieces, and no matter how hard parenthood can be, we wouldn't give him back for anything in the world.

Happy Day My Boy!


The Collard Clan said...

so the first picture - he REALLY looks like his mommy! and the second picture....well lets just say he's inheriated looks from his dad too. :-) Heehehehe. HAPPY HALF B-day DEXTER! Things like this really make me miss you guys :-( He's getting so big. Gee-Wiz.

Kim Beckstead Cooper said...

He is so cute! I love his cheeks! He IS growing up fast...time goes by fast as a parent but for the rest of us it goes by even faster! You guys look great! We totally miss you guys!